My goal is to create strong, comfortable and above all useful pots to enhance your home and your table. I feel connected to the clay like I feel connected to the earth and move through the making process with the same kind of joyful determination that I give my life as a whole.

I hope my pottery brings you a similar satisfaction, enjoying and nurturing the heartfelt and the handmade.

My work is mostly thrown on the potter’s wheel. Then it is trimmed, carved, sprigged or altered in various ways. Next comes the drying process, then it is fired once (bisque) to give strength for what comes next: decorating and glazing. I use a combination of commercial glazes and underglazes, and hand mixed glazes. I am constantly mixing and testing new recipes and combinations and always anticipating great (and sometimes not-so-great) surprises!

I am eclectic in that I try everything! I have fired pottery in almost all ways possible, and now include in my repertoire stoneware, raku, earthenware and porcelain. Most of my work right now is stoneware and porcelain, fired to cone 6 which is over 2000 degrees F.

I love to handle my pots at every stage, including after they get through the final glaze firing. One of my favorite parts of the making process is weaving rattan or found material such as willow or grapevine into sturdy functional handmade handles for teapots, serving trays and other items.

Then the next great step is putting my pots into your hands! Hopefully you will love using them as much as I have loved creating them.